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Top Restaurants in Bangalore

Well, Bangalore is known for its startup companies but few people don’t know what kind of food they get it in the city. However, finding a restaurant in Bangalore is easy because the city has all the categories of foods where people can search and eat for spending their quality time with family and friends. So, the good things about best restaurants Bangalore are that delicious food is available from various regions all over India. The Restaurants have foods from regional Karnataka cuisine to nostalgic dishes which is served in a unique taste. Below are the top restaurants in Bangalore.


Image result for Karavalli"

This restaurant will offer good dining experiences in the city where people can have good food in the south Indian dishes which includes seasonal curries to wood-fired meats. So, the restaurant has a variety of foods on their menu where people can taste foods from different regions including Mangalore and Goa.

Cafe Thulp

The cafe Thulp is the hangout spot for many locals who are living in the city and serves one of the best burgers when compared to other cafes. The restaurant will make a beef burger that is available in the different toppings ranging from the standard to the adventurous that is wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese and an egg. Also, burgers are available for vegetarians which have many options to add and Crispy sweetcorn and tofu burger are the best for tasting.

Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna Matata is regarded as one of the best restaurants Bangalore which gives quality services to the people. In this restaurant, they are places where people can opt for inside or outside to sit and accommodate themselves wherever they feel comfortable. So, the seafood meal can be an ideal food to taste with a reasonably-priced cocktail.

Shri Sagar CTR

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This is another restaurant where people can go and taste authentic food in Bangalore. Also, the restaurant is a specialist in Dosa where it tastes better than other restaurants when people search for breakfast and continues to excel in the south Indian dishes.

Apart from these, many other restaurants can give ambiance service to people whenever they visit the restaurants but the above ones are the best restaurants Bangalore that can provide quality food taste. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top restaurants in Bangalore. Thanks for reading!

Author: Narayan

Hi, My name is Narayan, I had always been interested in the Dinner Recipes industry , so that is why I shared some thoughts about my dinner sense. If you want to know more about this, please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks for visiting.

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