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Best Restaurants in Mumbai

Good food is the most lovable part of every human beings, with the increase in good taste food demands in restaurants there is huge competition for the restaurants as well. If you reside in Mumbai and wonder which place will be the best for foods and services in Mumbai then in this article we have come up with some of the best restaurants Mumbai you can visit this year any time of the season. To find out more about reading the following article below:

  • Indigo:

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If you are in love with European-Asian authentic taste then the Indigo is the best restaurant you can visit and enjoy the food. This restaurant has won many awards as one of the top premier restaurants of India. Located in the posh region of fashionable South Mumbai, this restaurant is one of the top choices for most of the celebrities and politicians as well. When it comes to the interiors of this restaurant you will be just overwhelmed seeing the beauty of this restaurant. The food is the best part of this restaurant as it is all about food, you will get a wide range of authentic European Asian cuisine that is prepared by the best chefs in the market for this specialization.

  • Wasabi by Morimoto:

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Inspired by the authentic culture of Japanese and handcrafted with the unique styles of Indian craftsman the Wasabi by Morimoto is again one of the best restaurants Mumbai. Recently this restaurant has been awarded and ranked as one of the tops in the world, the chefs are professionally trained to prepare the mouthwatering Japanese delicacies with some extensive and delicious sakes and sushi. Yet again located in the posh area of Mumbai the Wasabi By Morimoto is one of the coolest Japanese cuisine restaurants you can visit and enjoy delicious food.

  • Golden Dragon:

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One of the most innovative Indian restaurant located in the Taj Mahal Palace the Golden Dragon is named for its unique choice of colours and interiors in their designs. Once you enter this restaurant the Buddhist Altar at the entrance will ensure your good luck, health and prosperity on arrival. The sitting arrangements are authentic and the couch is crafted with pure leather so that you get premium feel on the go. Foods are prepared by the best chefs in the industry with lots of specialization and delicacy.

The above mentioned were the best restaurants Mumbai you can visit to enjoy the food and services they offer. If you are satisfied with this article then kindly share it with your friends. Please visit again for more new and interesting articles.

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Author: Narayan

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